Ecological energy-efficient houses

wood and bricks

The company Drev-imed

Drev-imed is a crafts company standing out for its precision, reliability and high quality of the products, which continues the tradition of the Polish crafts that disappears among other companies. Drev-imed, with its 40 years of experience in crafts offers you a good product. Each product is individually priced and adjusted to the individual client’s request. This is due to the variety of the materials of various thermal and quality parameters available on the Polish construction market. Click “Our Company” to read more..

Price residential houses


od 900 zł do 2 500 zł 1m2 netto + montaż


How we do this

We will expand this section over time to bring you as close as possible to the process of construction of your new house. So far, we present some photographs of the chosen constructions.

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