How do we build and from what?

We fulfil each order according to the client’s needs, i.e. ideal architecture, room layout, the choice of windows and materials according to the client’s request. Also the location in relation to the directions of the world is important (due to the insolation), to the shape and the boundaries of the plot, elimination of the negative influence of the water courses, electricity lines, etc., on the health of the future residents. These neglected problems which affect the well-being and in consequence the health of the residents are seriously considered and solved by the Drev-imed company. As our fathers used to build, we also begin with the careful examination of the area, including measuring the ground by the dowser. After those initial actions and after the application of our own technology (which is the company’s secret) we start constructing the house “for life”.

Positive setting of the house on the plot so that the water courses – water veins, which are in the ground would not emit negative radiation, when the investor doesn’t know anything about this. How to find and eliminate them?
How to protect yourself against them? How to set a house in which, after moving in, there will not appear the problems of misfortune, family disagreements, permanent somnolence, body weakness, irritation of the user because of trivial reason, difficulty sleeping – insomnia, waking up in the mourning in seat and tiredness – these symptoms mostly relate to men. Current users of the newly set houses consider the situation irrelevant. But this is the problem widely interpreted by the dowsers recognized in Poland.

The company Drev-imed constructing a house for you makes every possible effort, for this house to be build solidly, timely, without any price increases during the construction works. Ensures delivery and receipt of ordered materials and other elements on time, ensures realisation of the arrangements set in the written contract, which the company accepts and does not change.

During the construction you may change the functionality of the premises, change the partition walls, the location of the windows and doors to suit them to your needs at the moment which were unforeseen at the stage of project design. To build for you a house that would last for 200 years, safe, which takes extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes, resists the tremors caused by mining damage, serves as the warm and energy efficient, modern house - a house called “Smart-Passive House”.This product can not be "cheap"! For every money! It is a product of the higher standard and it must cost, but will give you guaranteed satisfaction during the operation.


The company Drev-imed is an enterprise with the traditions and has its strong position on the European Market – makes the products of high standard made of the certified materials of high quality parameters. Promotes mostly domestic – Polish – products, acquired from the basic raw material which is the wood. They are acquired in the South Poland – our main supplier is the Polish State Forest District. The wood is obtained in the winter season, when the raw material is out of juices expelled into the ground – the tree is asleep. The company has the specialised timber selectors, who cut the trees chosen especially from the southern slopes. The timber has great veins from the good insolation which guarantees high quality of the acquired material. Rubbing of the wood is a part of the secret rubbing technology, which is the technology protected by the company. After that, the material is left for seasoning, sorted on racks, described by classes and is seasoned for 6 years. During the period the timber is subject to the natural relaxation. It is also turned on the racks every six months to obtain the correct shape of the material. All those works need to be done manually, it con not be done by a machine, so this rises the cost of the material, but gives the client the product of the high quality which may be by analogy compared to the excellent dry wine from the southern slope.

This is only the example comparison, but how meaningful!

The further process of timber treatment is the drying of the raw material in drying facilities controlled by the computer programme, which allows the perfection of the drying due to the proper extraction of the moisture from the wood. Further on, the timber is subject to four sides treatment. This is done by the digital machines “Weinig”. Each element is sorted by the specialised groups of workers and is subject to further treatment. The houses have various structure and are adjusted to the requirements of the client according to his order. This is dependent on the location of the construction site, requirements of the plot development plan and local law and the technical documentation of the building.

Each structural element is anchored to the remaining element by the technological holes where the wooden material comes in the wooden material - it is the joining, where at the selected connections are used the bolts of Ø 8,10,12 mm. Each bolt is zincified and produced in accordance with the company’s order and of high resistance to pulling and cutting. In the event of planned construction in areas exposed to strong winds, the company uses a specialized program of stress anchors, the systems already tried and tested by the forces of nature - the proprietary technology. The whole house is anchored to the concrete foundation in accordance with the project. All elements can be preserved and protected by the use of the fungicides and the insecticides, even to become fire retardant by the use of the ecological materials protecting against fire. It is agreed with the client pursuant to his finances. Every detail of the colours of the wooden lining house is discussed. We may present 30 colours for the wood from eight recognized companies.

There are various types of elevation: regular, wooden, brick, Prussian wall, stone, veneer facings, log combined with stone or plaster, the log round - rectangular, half-log, spruce, larch, pine, oak, Siberian spruce and other boards.

Version No. 1

Each regular elevation is the OSB-3 board waterproof / construction board MFP of thickness 12/16/22/25 mm with the exterior thermal insulation with hard wool 50/100/150 mm with the plaster put on + elevation mesh + adhesive and various texture of the granulate and the choice of thousand of colours and shades. Available plaster: mineral, acrylic, silicate, marmolite.

Version No. 2

Each regular elevation is the OSB-3 board waterproof / construction board MFP of thickness 12/16/22/25 mm with the exterior thermal insulation with styrofoam 50/100/150 mm with the plaster put on + elevation mesh + adhesive and various texture of the granulate and the choice of thousand of colours and shades. Available plaster: mineral, acrylic, silicate, marmolite.

Version No. 3

Wooden elevation:

  1. smooth veneer board on its own or different tongue of thickness of 20/28/40/50/70/120/150/180/220 mm, with any normative thickness and width.
  2. elevation: half-log, full log with cut grooves. Size: 120 mm x 240 mm: Polish, Beskid, Zakopane, East and Ukrainian system.
  3. elevation: round log of Ø 120/180/200/280/320/380mm, the length is adjusted to the project and the possibilities of the material. Order b and c requires 8 to 12 months waiting.
  4. elevation: veneer board with highlighted veins – imitating 100 years old wood of asymmetrical shapes as above (pos. “a” version no. 3)
  5. brick elevation: the company makes brick elevations of such materials as veneer brick with adhesive. All designs of the bricks: Bielski block, Ytong, hollow brickaerated concrete or other elevation materials. The whole wall is anchored in layers to the structure of the house.
  6. stone elevation: sandstone rock Brenna, flat slate stones provided from the mountains (very sought after at the present time) gray sandstone provided from quarry, cut, and other stone elevation - laid in the “English” or “wild” or “asymmetrical” way. Impregnation of the stone with sensational agents keep the stones in the natural appearance for 30 years.

Coefficient K = 0.22 W/m2K, higher insulation K = 0.16 W/m2K, and the Passive House K 0.09 W/m2K, plus wind and steam insulation Baufol or Aluthermo.
Wool to choose from: GULLFIBER, Rockwoll etc. from the thickness of 150mm + 50mm + Aluthermo thermal screen which replaces the 200 mm of wool.
All this raises the efficiency parameters of the house to perfection, and thermal excellence which has a large impact on the costs of maintaining the house in winter and in the summer during hot weather. “You save on heating costs in winter and air conditioning in summer.”

When the house is wooden we must remember about thermal insulation with various types of wool of different thermal parameters, thicknesses, overlap work - alternating the product, to eliminate the bridges, freezing, putting the wind and steam insulating foil, layer insulation, aluminium thermal mat and installation of OSB-3 boards (Cetris - cement, Farmacell, PKG – MFP board).
The company has a tested ventilation system, which does not cause interlayer dew, but still raises to the maximum the thermal rate of your house. Each construction site manager – architect managing the construction, as a representative of the investor, introduces his solutions, which the company accepts and adjusts the thermal parameters.

Ventilation of the rooms:

The company Drev-imed uses the product the separators - recovery of heated warm air from the residence which makes the system produce lower costs of heating and become energy-economical system.

The company Drev-imed has the ecological solar systems - heating water - used for any purpose: swimming pools, paddling pools for children, gardening purposes, etc.

It is completely due to the client’s imagination and financial ability. The company discuss this with the client and determines details for each room individually. Proposes, gives advice, provides finishing materials on client’s request, and nowadays you can get anything on the Polish market.

Finishing and cleaning the construction site:

The company Drev-imed operates the construction equipment and machines such as: excavators, loaders, construction trolleys, may execute all the ordering and ground works.
We also have groups of construction workers, entrances, they settle pavers, make drainage systems and electricity and plumbing connections and lighting protection systems.
The company Drev-imed cooperates closely with the subcontractors for green garden design. We also have a variety of decorative trees, shrubs and various plants for your garden.

Our company:

We offer products of spruce, larch, pine wood.

  1. Wooden houses.
  2. Houses with brick elevation.
  3. Houses with a combined elevation of wood and bricks.
  4. One-storey houses, with the attic, ground and floor and attic houses.
  5. One-storey houses with winter living room with walls of glass (winter garden).
  6. Recreational houses, cottages, garden houses, utility houses.
  7. Garages - and carports.
  8. Elements of the balcony, balcony enclosures, terraces enclosures, decorative elements.
  9. Materials – for the floors - wood panels - soffit - terrace board, smooth grooved.
  10. Seasoned board, battens, slats.
  11. Structural elements of the houses for self-assembly.
  12. Thermal insulation materials and finishes for residential construction.


The company provides services:

PIt has a professional service staff providing the client: an architect, a surveyor and construction site manager.
We design projects for any individual order.
We offer high quality of the works performed and the products used.
All the materials which are used by the company are certified.
The company provides services of the excavators-loaders and offers the construction trolleys.
You are free to do changes while the construction.

Assembly groups:

Perfectly-trained. Coordinated work organisation ensures the accuracy and quality of the works performed.
We execute construction on any ground, even in places which can not be reached by car.

Execution time:

Execution time for the construction of the whole building on a turnkey basis takes the period of 24 working days for 100 m2 of a residential house.
The period of waiting for execution of building a house is two months.
The house is constructed in a modular system 62.5 cm. Each module can be added, which increases the area required by the client or we can diminish the modules to reduce the area of ​​the house. We can take this possibility of increasing or decreasing the house in every direction - we can fit it into any foundation.
Building a house in this technology the client can supervise the materials and the elements of which the house is constructed by the company. He can physically check them, touch, see and ask questions. Our client has a 100% guarantee that the constructed house has the walls of good wood and may be sure, because he sees and physically touches every element so he can make sure that they serve to a long life and durability of the building.
We do not recommend pre-fabricated closed walls, because you do not know what is.

The company constructs houses for the budget that our client wishes!

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