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Manufacturer of residential wooden houses

Drev-imed is a crafts company standing out for its precision, reliability and high quality of the products, which continues the tradition of the Polish crafts that disappears among other companies. Drev-imed, with its 40 years of experience in crafts offers you a good product.

We implement all individual projects on request according to any architecture, from any catalogs of architectural offices and projects.

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How we build technology

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Tradition and Experience Customers' trust

Why is it worth building with us?

When building a house for you, Drev-imed makes every effort to ensure that the house is made reliably. We ensure timely delivery and collection of ordered materials and elements, agreed in the contract, which the company honors and does not change.

Over 40 years of experience

we are characterized by high quality of the product, continuing the tradition of Polish craftsmanship, which has disappeared among other companies.

On the výber 20,000 models of houses

Each product is individually priced and tailored to the individual customer's order

Ecology and energy efficiency

a variety of materials with different thermal and quality parameters available on the Polish construction market

Fast turnaround time

Completion of the entire turnkey construction for a 100m2 house takes about 24 working days.

Residential houseecological
How do we build and from what?

The Drev-imed company is a company with traditions and has a strong position on the European market - it manufactures products from certified materials with high quality parameters.

Each structural element is anchored to the remaining element through technological openings where the wood material enters the wood material - this is tenoning, clamping, gluing, selected connections are screwed with screws with a diameter of Ø 8, 10, 12 mm.

There are ordinary, wooden, masonry, half-timbered, stone, clinker facing, log combined with stone or plaster, round log - rectangular, half-log, spruce, larch, pine, oak, Siberian spruce and others.

K coefficient = 0.22 W/m2k, increased insulation K coefficient = 0.16 W/m2k, passive house K coefficient 0.09 W/m2k, plus Baufol or Aluthermo wind and vapor barriers. Wools to choose from: GILLFIBER, ROCKWOLL, etc.

The company has a proven ventilation system that does not cause interlayer dew and at the same time maximizes the thermal coefficient of the house. Each construction manager - architect leading the construction, as the investor's proxy, introduces his solutions, which the company honors and adjusts the thermal parameters.

Professional service

we have a team of architects, surveyors, construction managers, which provides complete advice on starting the construction of the house and its implementation.

Wood used

spruce, pine, oak, durable and everlasting larch (and others) from Polish forests. South Poland. seasoned for 6 years and dried in computer dryers, it guarantees the proper humidity of the material.

Assembly groups

appropriate training and coordinated organization of work ensures the accuracy and quality of the work performed (Residential houses - assembly 30 days) (Recreational houses - assembly up to 6 days) (Utility houses - assembly up to 1 day) - equipping assembly groups with appropriate technical equipment and tools.

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