Ecological energy-efficient houses

wood and bricks

Year round houses:

Ewelina M-14 144 m2

Description of the building:

A residential house, made of spruce wood or, on request, of larch wood. Highly thermally insulated with the Gullfiber wool. For the interior walls finishing can be used plasterboard or wood. The exterior elevation made of wood or of “thermomur” [type of thermal walls system] of various thickness plus the additional thermal insulation make the house a Passive house.


  • The house can be enlarged by additional segments on request.
  • The house can be build without insulation (summer version).
  • The layout of the premises can be made according to the clients needs.

The standard price includes:

  1. Whole structure of the house.
  2. The exterior facing: termomur + styrofoam (polystyrene) + mesh + adhesive spread in grey or the hard elevation wool or “ekomat” [ecological insulation mat] or wooden exterior facing.
  3. Low emission W/K 1,1 PVC window frames, colour to be determined.
  4. Exterior and interior door woodwork.
  5. Constructional wooden floors, ground floor - first floor.
  6. Insulation with GULLFIBER wool 150/200mm or ROCKWOOL or KNAUF
  7. Wind and steam insulation.
  8. Interior plasterboard, PKG.
  9. Electrical installation.
  10. Water installation.
  11. Central heating system.
  12. Sewage installation.
  13. Impregnation of the structural elements of the house to protect against pests and fire.
  14. Roof boarding + 1roofing tar paper or metal roofing tiles.
  15. Complete staircase.
  16. Partition walls.
  17. Acrylic plaster of white colour – Elevation.
  18. Chimney with ceramic insert.
  19. Coal stove – Traditional, burns various kinds of fuel – all types of coal / all species of wood / various types of combustible waste.
  20. Ribbed heaters with flow valves, white powder coating. Set.
  21. Two-function gas stove JUNKERS / Central heating + hot water / - coal stove replacement.
  22. Each of these heating sources can be adjusted to heated floors.

Additional works which our company may offer:

Drev-imed recommends that the foundations of the house should be made by our company, because such foundation needs to be made precisely and thoroughly. The outline of the foundation must be precisely measured and evenly poured. Steel anchors must be put in precisely appointed places for fixing a house. Thoroughly must be also poured the concrete foundation under the chimney, precision has a great meaning for the chimney not to fall on the ceiling beams of the roof rafters, but to suit exactly in the middle of the segments of the structure of the house. Therefore Drev-imed provides all these things. Setting a house on the foundation constructed by the client himself or by another company, not having knowledge or experience in this type of construction, transfers the responsibility for whole construction of the house on the client.

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