Ecological energy-efficient houses

wood and bricks

Year round houses:


Description of the building:

The house can be constructed in every climate zone in Poland. The house: whole made of spruce wood, founded on the concrete base. It is covered with the wood panels of the full coniferous wood and the whole is covered one time with tar paper. On the client’s request, may be additionally covered with the trapezoidal metal panels or with the metal tiles or another roofing materials. Additional insulation of the building is possible with the Gullfiber wool 50 mm and insulation of the floor with the styrofoam 50 mm blocks. The house can be enlarged by additional segments or decreased, the area of the ground floor may be freely divided into the living room and kitchen. The outside front of the house can have a balcony. There is also a possibility of installing the wood burning fireplace and the chimney-heating system.

The standard price includes:

  • Whole structure of the house.
  • Wooden floor – ground floor and first floor.
  • Windows and doors woodwork.
  • Impregnated bases of the basement
  • Complete roof boarding + 1 x tar paper
  • Concrete blocks
  • The whole impregnated with Bondex – any colour

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